10 Sexual Fetishes that Might Send You to the Emergency Room

Apr 3rd, 2011

While this topic may be taboo to some, we're going there and we're going to try to keep it relatively PG. We all know people can be into some pretty freaky things when it comes to sexual pleasure. And there's absolutely nothing wrong with that — as long as these things don't get taken too far. It's an old and tired cliche, but college is a time for exploration and pushing personal boundaries. It is in this way that college students are able to discover who they are and what their values are (and, needless to say, it's also how they have so much fun). Whether you are a radiology technician running in to all kinds of strange injuries in the emergency room or a college student "exploring your personal boundaries," it is important to understand the things some do for sexual gratification and know when these things are taken to a dangerous extreme. The following are 10 sexual fetishes that may break bones, or worse.

  1. Sadomasochism: Probably one of the most widely known sexual fetishes, sadomasochism refers to a relatively broad genre of sexual pleasure. People who find cruelty and humiliation sexually stimulating are known as sadists (the pain-givers) and masochists (the pain-receivers). The punishing sex play that occurs between these two classifications of individuals is called sadomasochism (or S&M). While this sexual fetish is very common because of its breadth, when taken to an extreme degree it can become very dangerous. Sadomasochism may involve light whipping, spanking, and biting used to liven up "normal" lovers' sex lives or it may involve more out of control and dangerous actions. When taken to the extreme sadomasochism can involve cutting, violently hitting, and even torturing a partner during the act of intercourse. While it is thought to be fairly uncommon, if sadomasochism is taken too far individuals can end up with broken bones, dangerous bruising, or worse and end up in the emergency room.
  2. Autoerotic Asphyxiation: One of the more blatantly dangerous sexual fetishes, autoerotic asphyxiation involves cutting off the oxygen supply to the brain while achieving sexual climax. The idea behind this is that the sudden loss of oxygen to the brain can increase feelings of pleasure and giddiness. The practice of autoerotic asphyxiation to heighten sexual pleasure has been long documented throughout history (since the 17th century). It's not difficult to see how the practice of strangling oneself or being strangled during sexual intercourse could go horribly wrong. In the United States alone there are an estimated 1000 deaths per year due to autoerotic asphyxiation mishaps.
  3. Pyrophilia: I know what you're thinking. "Pyro" means fire. Yes, pyrophilia is a sexual fetish in which an individual gains sexual pleasure from fire. To be more specific, pyrophilia derives from a fascination and attraction to the actual act of setting a fire. In this way, pyrophilia can be somewhat associated with sadomasochism in that it seems to be a control and dominance type of interest. So, while many guys will boast how they were pyromaniacs who enjoyed lighting ants on fire when they were young, be sure not to confuse this with pyrophilia. Fire can be extremely dangerous and unmanageable. While pyrophilia is extremely rare and heavily disputed in the medical world, painful burns could absolutely land an individual in the E.R. or doctor's office.
  4. Mechanophilia: Just a little forewarning, from this point on things are going to get a little bit weirder. Mechanophilia is a fetish where an individual is sexually attracted to mechanical objects. This means that bicycles, cars, helicopters, airplanes, vacuum cleaners, computers, robots, (must we go on?) become the objects of a person's sexual affections. So, now we're wondering why this particular sexual fetish made this list. And maybe we are stretching it here, but having an intimate relationship with an object that is made of sharp metal or plastic and is as dirty as a car or vacuum cleaner (!) cannot be the safest thing. From nasty cuts to terrible infections, mechanophilia could absolutely send someone to the hospital if it is taken too far.
  5. Acrotomophilia and Apotemnophilia: It is disputed in the medical world whether these conditions should be considered disorders or mere fetishes. Acrotomophilia involves a sexually driven fascination with losing a limb and apotemnophia involves a sexual attraction to those who have already lost a body part (amputees). Not to be confused with (exaggerated) masochism, people with acrotomophilia find pleasure in the idea of being an amputee and having sex. They do not necessarily find sexual excitement from the actual act of amputation or pain. Regardless, there have been several cases of individuals with acrotomophilia who have attempted self amputations or gone so far to maim a limb in order to receive an amputation. Individuals will try to get cuts on arms or legs and then foster an infection that will result in the appendage being removed. In this case, acrotomophilia will certainly send you to the emergency room (however, that may be the exact desired result).
  6. Formicophilia: All right, if you're interested in knowing a little more about this topic, we recommend using caution when searching the web. But formicophilia is a form of zoophilia (sexual attraction to animals) that involves an interest in small insects. Individuals with this sexual fascination find pleasure in having ants, spiders, etc. crawl on their body and bite them. If an individual were to have an allergic reaction to ant bites or choose the wrong species of spider to "practice" with, they may very well end up in the hospital.
  7. Hybristophilia: Defined as the sexual attraction to individuals who have committed gruesome crimes, hybristophilia does not pose immediate danger to an individual in the same way the other fetishes on this list do. However, it is probably safe to assume that an individual who is only sexually attracted to people who are violent are more likely to get hurt than most. There are two types of hybristophilia: passive and aggressive. Passive hybristophilia is when a person is attracted to a dangerous criminal, which may put that person in the emergency room. Aggressive hybristophilia is when a person finds pleasure in the actual act of committing gruesome crimes (rather than the E.R., this will land a person in prison).
  8. Emetophilia: Well, this one is kind of a no-brainer. Emetophilia is the sexual fetish in which a person is aroused by vomiting or observing vomiting. So, obviously if you are interested in making yourself sick while having sexual intercourse then you may very well end up in the hospital. Emetophiliacs will self induce vomiting or force their sexual partner to vomit by either gagging or sometimes with medications (such as ipecac). If ipecac (a drug that makes a person vomit instantly) is used things can easily get dangerously out-of-hand. Vomiting can damage an individual's throat, gums, and teeth as well as cause severe ulcers.
  9. Hematolagnia: Strangely, with the rise of terrible vampire movies and novels in recent popular culture, this sexual fetish has become an everyday thing. Most people barely bat an eye when a certain vampire becomes uncontrollably aroused by blood. Hematolagnia is the sexual fetish, often times connected to vampirism, which involves finding sexual gratification through blood and bleeding. While it, unsurprisingly, was mainly underground, in the wake of television shows like Dexter and movies like Twilight, hematolagnia has gained a much wider exposure. Needless to say, this fetish could easily land someone with a pretty serious injury that required medical attention.
  10. Omorashi: Most common in the Japanese culture, omorashi is the sexual fetish in which individuals are aroused from having a full bladder. In western culture, this is typically labeled under urolagnia (urine fetish), but it is actually somewhat different. While urolagnia involves the act of urinating, omorashi involves holding urination to an uncomfortable degree, which is where the danger lies. Holding ones bladder for too long can lead to painful bladder infections and other urinary issues.