50 Best Blogs for Archaeology Students

anatomy and physiology, psychology, sociology, literature, religion, geology, and a multitude of other subjects all filter into a degree in archaeology. Because of this, students may understandably grow to feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information they have to process. Fortunately, many blogs exist to help guide them through their educations, rife with information on a wide number of philosophies, theories, discoveries, and research. The following resources can act as a few of these great guides for anyone considering archaeology as a degree and career path.

1.Archaeology Magazine Blog : Archaeology Magazine’s official blog builds upon the ancient and natural history, geology, and anthropology articles found in its print edition in a way accessible to anyone.

2.The Tell es-Safi/Gath Excavations Official (and UnofficialWeblog : Digs form one of the cores of archaeology educations and careers, and anyone hoping to enter into the field will enjoy following along with this excursion.

3.The Southeast Asian Archaeology Newsblog : Anyone interested in the ancient history and anthropology of Southeast Asia must follow this extremely informative blog on the subject.

4.Archaeolog : Unfortunately, Archaeolog occasionally takes a bit of time in between postings. However, what they do feature offers up some incredible information and advice.

5.ArchaeoBlog : Anthony Cagle regularly shares his favorite archaeology-related news stories culled from around the web.

6.debitage : Philosophy, culture, and esotericism factor into ancient history, anthropology, and archaeology just as much as digging around in the dirt.

7.Dienekes’ Anthropology Blog : Because archaeology and anthropology walk hand-in-hand, anyone studying the subject ought to keep up to date with the latest trends in the latter should they hope to best understand the former.

8.Elfshot: Sticks and Stones : This incredible, insightful blog discusses the lost utilitarian art of flintknapping to educate readers on how the process worked and its role in the formation of humanity.

9.Looting matters : Appropriation, re-appropriation, looting, and ownership rights are all serious issues involved with archaeology, and Looting matters posts frequently on news and updates regarding these subjects.

10.Middle Savagery : University of California at Berkeley PhD candidate Colleen Morgan blogs about her adventures, experiences, and findings from the field.

11.Anthropology.net : One of the greatest online resources for anthropologists also provides a wealth of amazing information for archaeologists as well.

12.Aardvarchaeology : Dr. Martin Rundkvist blogs about culture and society as it relates to archaeology, anthropology, and ancient history.

13.Where in the hell am I? : One archaeologist chronicles his extensive travels and findings from out in the field, peppered with some intriguing photographs and anecdotes.

14. Savage Minds : Both PhD students and their professors collectively blog on issues of anthropology and archaeology in order to better educate their readers.

15. Safe Corner : This admirable band of archaeologists hope to preserve humanity’s shared cultural heritage as best as possible without compromising ownership or social justice issues.

16.Numismatics and Archaeology : Ancient coins played an integral role in shaping humanity’s cultural evolution, and this blog delves deeply into their implications on the current world.

17.Mirabilis.ca : An eclectic blog, Mirabilis.ca frequently posts some excellent ideas and insights regarding archaeology and history.

18.Quests of the Dragon and Bird Clan : Focusing mainly on the Nusantao peoples, Quests of the Dragon and Bird Clan discusses their culture and their oceanic and trade exploits that eventually shaped today’s societies.

19.rogueclassicism : Archaeology students with an interest in classical history will love this fantastic and informative take on the subject.

20.Kris’s Archaeology Blog : About.com’s official archaeology portal covers a broad spectrum of subjects contained within the heading, including anthropology, art, and ancient history – among many others.

21.Theoretical Structural : Structural archaeologists openly discuss issues of ancient architecture, but in a way that even non-professionals can appreciate and understand.

22.A Hot Cup of Joe : A Hot Cup of Joe sits on the intersections of archaeology, anthropology, psychology, and science, offering up some intriguing insights and ideas along the way.

23.The Archaeology of the Mediterranean World : Archaeology students intrigued by the prospect of digging along the shores of the Mediterranean ought to check out all the fascinating things Bill Caraher has to say.

24.A Very Remote Period Indeed : Julien Riel-Salvatore blogs about mankind’s earliest roots with a particular eye for the Paleolithic era and the societies and technologies involved.

25.Sara Perry : A University of Southampton PhD student blogs about her research, experiences, findings, and other issues pertaining to archaeology.

26.Testimony of the Spade : Osteologist and archaeologist Magnus Reuterdahl explores Scandinavia’s rich heritage through bones, cultural trends and developments, and much more.

27.Ancient World Bloggers Group : Beyond archaeology, the Ancient World Bloggers Group discusses the historical and anthropological elements as well as any upcoming events.

28.Space Age Archaeology : Just because people still alive today can remember a turning point in human history does not mean that archaeologists have much to delve into, appreciate, and discuss.

29.Sexy Archaeology : It took 29 entries before one of the blogs decided to use the Indiana Jones font, and this one approaches the subject of archaeology with warm humor and intelligent insight.

30.AlunSalt : Because archaeology is always associated with clawing through the dirt, few realize that the field of archaeoastronomy actually exists. Follow news and views on the fascinating topic here.

31.Punk Archaeology : Punk Archaeology features one of the most original concepts for an academic blog, finding parallels between the unique musical genre and aesthetic and the archaeological world.

32.Computing, GIS and Archaeology in the UK : Oxford Archaeology IT Support and Development Officer Jo Cook discusses the ways in which the discipline can embrace new technologies and further their studies.

33.Publishing Archaeology : Any archaeology students hoping to publish their papers or books ought to keep track of any trends or news regarding everything they need to know about getting research out there.

34.Digging Digitally : This blog serves as a hub for The Digital Data Interest Group, which hopes to keep track of archaeological research using computers and other technologies.

35.Past Thinking : Unsurprisingly, archaeologists have a close connection with museums and other institutions dedicated to preserving history, and this blog discusses the technologies that propel both forward and deepen the relationship between those who discover heritage and those who preserve it.

36.Electric Archaeology: Digital Media for Learning and Research : Shawn Graham seeks to find ways to apply his love of digital media with his impressive work in archaeology, sharing everything he learns and produces along the way.

37.Past Horizons’ Weblog – World Archaeology : Anyone hoping to participate in an archaeological dig somewhere in the world, either for educational or personal reasons, ought to check out this blog on how to find one.

38.Objects-Buildings-Situations : The eloquent Kostis Kourelis posts some amazing discussions regarding archaeology’s intimate relationship with art, art history, history, and architecture – usually along the Mediterranean.

39.Neuroanthropology : Neuroanthropology blends archaeology, anthropology, psychology, and neurology together to help scientists and researchers better explore why mankind is what it is.

40.Moore Group’s Blog : As archaeological consultants, the Galway-based Moore Group helps others find ways to preserve their findings and the respective heritages they represent.

41.Mike Pitts – Digging Deeper : Explore Britain’s rich history – including many blog posts on the enduring mystery of Stonehenge – alongside archaeologist Mike Pitts.

42.john hawks weblog : Paleoanthropologist John Hawks shares his art, discoveries, and opinions regarding the history, evolution, and genetic makeup of humanity.

43.The Stoa Consortium : Students with an interest in the classics must peruse The Stoa Consortium’s extensive archives for information on almost anything and everything pertaining to the field.

44.ArchaeologyOnline: Archaeological Information on the Web : ArchaeologyOnline focuses mainly on education and general issues regarding the subject, with an eclectic mix of postings.

45.Viking Archaeology Blog : Originally intended as a supplement to the University of Oxford Viking Archaeology course, this blog now helps readers realize the rich culture behind the raping, pillaging, and plundering.

46.The Cultural Property Law Blog : Because many of those working (or hoping to workin the archaeology field will run into issues of legality and ownership, students out to brush up on the laws that will affect their future careers.

47.Ohio Archaeology Blog : Read the latest exploits of and discoveries made by The Ohio Archaeology Society, who approaches their topics with a lightheartedness that will appeal to a broader readership.

48.Archaeology in Europe : Archaeology in Europe operates as a supplement to the website of the same name, delivering news from the field relating to the continent.

49.Archaeology at NGM : National Geographic Magazine’s official blog on archaeology provides great resources for professionals, students, and amateurs alike who want to keep updated on the latest developments.

50.Ritmeyer Archaeology : Biblical archaeology is a popular field, and Ritmeyer keeps readers updated on new discoveries and theories from one of the ancient cradles of civilization.

Due to its multifaceted nature, any students hoping to study archaeology must also achieve fluency (or near-fluencyin a myriad of other disciplines as well. Professional, student, amateur, and hobbyist bloggers alike who post up their opinions, experiences, trends, and news stories relating to the field help bring the community together and create a network of information that helps supplement an archaeology education.