50 Best Blogs for Raw Food Recipes & Inspiration

It is common knowledge that cooking vegetables and fruits begins breaking down their nutrient content, thus leaving them less effective when it comes to fighting off and preventing diseases and injuries. The raw food movement challenges individuals and families alike to seize their health and eat as many foods as possible that do not involve compromising the vitamins and minerals necessary to keep a body strong and fit. Adherents also believe that such a diet aids in digestion, weight loss, and other elements of a healthy body as well. Some like to combine such a dietary preference with organic, sustainable, and vegan philosophies as well, though such mindsets are not universals with all raw foodists. Not all raw food recipes are vegan or organic, nor vice versa. Regardless, however, practicing the culinary arts without actually cooking anything poses quite a challenge, but the men and women of the movement apply quite a bit of creativity and cunning to whipping up tasty recipes. Even those who still want to indulge in heated foods can still enjoy these fresh appetizers, snacks, entrees, and juices as a nutritious supplement to their daily intake.

Please keep in mind that none of the blogs listed here are operated by medical professionals. Therefore, the dietary tips and tricks they offer may not work for everyone, nor should they be consulted as a replacement to a consultation with a nurse or doctor. A raw foods diet may be undoubtedly healthy, but it has not been proven to absolutely cure any diseases – though it can, when paired with proper medical attention, help alleviate pain and certain symptoms. Anyone considering a raw food, vegan, or other highly specialized, restrictive diet should first discuss the matter with a healthcare professional to make sure that doing so will not compromise any pre-existing conditions or lead to other physiological issues down the line.

1. We Like It Raw : Dhrumil Purohit and his team of bloggers, entrepreneurs, and creative types promote the benefits of raw food as a diet and lifestyle choice. Beyond the blog, they also offer numerous recipes and a podcast.

2. Rawdorable : The very creative Shannon Marrie is a wife and mother dedicated to whipping up yummy meals and treats that conform to raw food sensibilities.

3. Raw Model : Anthony Anderson’s blog covers a wide range of raw food, sustainability, and fitness topics – all with an eye for green living and the dismantling of industrial practices.

4. LOVINGRAW : This blog and community by author and raw food fanatic Philip McClusky offers up some excellent recipes, videos, a shop, and anything anyone else with an interest in the lifestyle needs for inspiration and motivation.

5. Hear me Raw! : One vegan student shares her journey through the raw food lifestyle, making note of her struggles and triumphs (including some tasty recipes!) along the way.

6. A Bitt of Raw : Blogger Bitt at A Bitt of Raw turned to the raw food movement as a possible solution to her various health problems. When she started feeling her body and mind improve, she began opening up about her struggles with the hope of helping other readers consider the options that worked for her needs.

7. Raw Food Passion : Stop by Raw Food Passion for some extremely quick and easy recipes from blogger and yoga instructor April, who also waxes philosophical on her experiences with the movement as well.

8. Raw on $10 a Day (or Less! : Raw food fans on a budget need not worry about breaking the bank to find what they need. With this incredibly useful blog, they can draw up daily menus that keept their wallets as healthy as their bodies.

9. The Raw Chef Blog : Heralded as one of the premier raw food chefs in the United Kingdom – if not the world – Russell James blogs some amazing recipes as well as tips on staying healthy and fit.

10. The Daily Raw Cafe : In between drooling over some of the beautiful food photos and tasty recipes, learn about some upcoming raw food seminars and classes all over the United States as well as health and wellness tips.

11. Sweetly Raw : “Dessert Diva” Heather Pace uses her recipes and commentary to prove that adherence to a raw food diet does not have to mean the death of consuming sumptuously sweet treats.

12. HiHoRosie’s Place : Heidi at HiHoRosie’s Place may not always stick with a raw food diet, but she shows readers who may find themselves on the fence regarding the lifestyle how to incorporate the sensibilities and recipes into daily meals without going all the way.

13. Real Food Tulsa : Even devotees living outside of Tulsa can still benefit from and appreciate Raw Food Rehab director Penni Shelton’s recipes, advice, videos, and many other resources available right there on her blog.

14. Debbie Does Raw : Debbie Young suffers from Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia and uses raw food dieting as a means of quelling much of the pain and staying as healthy and happy as possible.

15. Rawmazing : This beautiful blog hemorrhages luscious food portraits and great advice and articles regarding the whats and whys of this popular movement.

16. Pure Jeevan : Beyond the comprehensive blog, the Pure Jeevan website provides freebies, a newsletter, and other resources regarding the raw food philosophy and lifestyle.

17. Julie’s Raw Ambition : The recipes featured at Julie’s Raw Ambition simply radiate gourmet influence without compromising the ideals behind solely consuming raw foods.

18. In The Raw : No matter what kind of recipes readers are looking for – salads, entrees, beverages – the In The Raw blog has something to get them off the computer and into the kitchen.

19. Raw Epicurean : Many of Ingrid Weithers-Barati’s recipes will make even those who do not stick with a raw food diet give at least one or two dishes a chance.

20. Raw Food Nation : An indispensible resource for both adherents and those interested in the lifestyle, Raw Food Nation offers up a diverse selection of recipes, store, community, promotions and many other useful references and suggestions.

21. Raw Food, Right Now! : Raw Food, Right Now dedicates its time and resources to promoting the lifestyle in a guilt-free, entirely engaging manner.

22. Antony in London : Antony Heaven considers the raw food lifestyle his way of finding personal balance, blogging about its role in his day-to-day activities as well as a few musings on sustainability.

23. Choosing Raw : One Certified Clinical Nutritionist writes about her opinions regarding the place of raw foods in peoples’ diets, emphasizing recipes, veganism, and overall health and well-being.

24. Awesome to be Rawsome : Pretty much any facet of the raw food lifestyle – recipes, nutritional information, gardening, and much, much more – gets covered in this very thorough blog.

25. Kombucha Chic : This eclectic blog covers a wide range of topics – including belly dancing, art, snowboarding, and travel – but raw food fans will very much appreciate the tasty recipes and ruminations on the benefits.

26. Promoting the Raw Food Diet While Debunking the Myths! : Joanna Steven…uhhhh…promotes the raw food diet while debunking the myths. Also, there are many tasty recipes to be found here!

27. Kristen’s Raw : Raw, vegan chef Kristen Suzanne blogs about her recipes and food observations as well as the role of uncooked fruits, vegetables, and grains in a healthy lifestyle.

28. Selena’s Raw Kitchen of Love : Recipes both sweet and savory as well as discussions about new ingredients and trends in raw food diets comprise most of this blog’s content.

29. Rediscover Raw Food : Candace Davis’s high raw recipes look good, taste good, and put a lot of good things into the body. She also openly discusses how raw foods have benefitted her and her family as well.

30. Hi-Rawkus : Though it does not update as frequently as many of the blogs listed here, Hi-Rawkus’s recipes, suggestions, and other bits of information can still pique the interest of raw foodists.

31. The Sunny Raw Kitchen : The Sunny Raw Kitchen (and its owner, Carmella) has won several awards for its scrumptious, creative recipes and welcoming environment.

32. RawReform E-Journal : RawReform is an impressively comprehensive resource chock full of recipes, videos, advice, and other information on juicing and raw food diets.

33. pure2raw : A pair of high raw, gluten-free twins share their experiences with their dietary lifestyle, including recipes, tips for travelers, and their bakery.

34. Earth Muffin ♥ : Snag a few mouth-watering recipes and read useful consumer product reviews on this healthy raw food and veganism blog.

35. Eat Dance Live : Along with her recipes, Chantal Clement’s blog discusses news and trends from within the raw foods and anti-GMO communities as well as fitness regimens and product reviews.

36. Girl on Raw : Ardent raw foodists and those who may not stick with the diet but appreciate the recipes all the same should drop by Girl on Raw not only for serving suggestions, but equipment recommendations and advice on dining out and eating on the road as well.

37. Give it to me Raw : Serving as both a social network and a community blog, Give it to me Raw provides readers with a broadened perspective when it comes to understanding raw foodism and its practitioners.

38. The Renegade Health Show : Not every episode, post, article, or recipe offered at The Renegade Health Show blog revolves around raw foods – though the advice on healthy, sustainable eating certainly applies!

39. Love Veggies and Yoga : Raw foodists looking to incorporate yoga and other fitness techniques into their healthy lifestyles would do well to drop by this useful little blog.

40. Punk Rawk Labs : Sustainability, veganism, activism, and – of course – raw foods collide in this interesting, inspiring blog with edge and DIY sensibilities.

41. Natural Zing Official Blog : While there may not be too many posts here compared to the others on the list, raw foodists and vegans would do well to see news, announcements, and recipes by one of the world’s largest purveyors of supplies to meet the lifestyle needs.

42. Nicole Raw & Awake : Recipes both raw and cooked are offered through Nicoke Raw & Awake, which also discusses many items revolving around general health and wellness issues.

43. Radical Radiance © : Courtney Pool shares her journey through raw foods, veganism, and even juice diets with the hops of inspiring and enlightening her readers to take better control of what goes into their bodies.

44. Raw Girl too! : A mother of 4 opens up about her experiences incorporating raw foods into her diet and doing what she can to raise healthy kids.

45. Raw Royalty : Runners interested in infusing raw food ideals and meals into their fitness routine would do well to check out this interesting blog, whose recipes are nevertheless suitable for anyone.

46. The Raw Divas Blog : Women do require certain nutritional elements for bone, breast, and ovarian health (among others, of course), and this blog helps them figure out how raw foods can meet these needs.

47. Tanisha Marshall : Named one of WellSphere’s Top Health Bloggers, food coach Tanisha Marshall offers up her opinions on staying mostly raw and how doing so can nurture the body.

48. RawketScience : Robin “Keiko” Gregory finds beauty and enlightenment in nature, and raw foodism helps her keep in touch with the facets of the world she finds stimulating.

49. Sarma Raw : Even beyond her brash, extremely honest blog, One Lucky Duck owner and proprietor Sarma Melngailis’s website is worth exploring for its comprehensive, frank take on the raw food phenomenon.

50. Rawkinmom’s Blog : Another mother hoping to raise her kids on a diet of raw foods blogs about what works, what doesn’t work, and maybe a few recipes along the way.

Although their words and wisdom ought not be taken as a replacement for professional medical consultation, these bloggers and their excellent recipes and stories provide a solid groundwork for those seeking information on the raw food movement. Regardless of whether or not one desires to stick with a 100% raw diet, a partially raw diet, or simply infuse a few tasty, nutritious side dishes and snacks into their daily lives, the raw food movement has plenty to offer humanity when it comes to maintaining their overall health and wellness.