60 Most Disgusting World Records Ever Set

Ever since its inception, the Guinness Book of World Records has set out to amaze and dazzle all who read, visit, or attempt to set a world record. With incredible feats of strength and speed, there also comes the other side of the coin.

In an attempt to satiate and beyond the rest of us who need a little debauchery are the 60 most disgusting world records ever set. Kids get permission from your parents before you subject your eyes, ears, and mind to the records set below.

Most Disgusting World Eating Records Ever Set

Eating may keep us alive, but the below are world records of those who took it to another level.

    1. Takeru Kobayashi : This Japanese man was born in 1978 and holds many world eating records. In his first appearance in a professional hot dog eating contest, he ate 50 hot dogs in twelve minutes, which doubled the previous record of 25. Other disgusting world eating records include 97 hamburgers, 83 vegetarian dumplings, 100 roasted pork buns, and many others.
    2. Joey Chestnut : Think the above is disgusting? Then check out this video from Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest where Joey Chestnut beat the record. He was able to eat 54 hot dogs in ten minutes to beat Kobayashi’s record.
    3. Josh Anderson : Click the video to watch the Guinness World Record of Pizza Eating. Josh Anderson of New Zealand was able to set the world record by eating an entire 12 inch pizza in only 1:47. The three minute video is a must see to believe.
    4. In and Out Challenge : This is also known as the 30 x 30 challenge. It is where you eat 30 In and Out burgers with lettuce, cheese, onions, etc. in 30 minutes. This CSUB student does the entire thing in 13 minutes. If that isn’t disgusting enough for you, it is a total of 7,350 calories.
    5. Man vs Food : The Big Texan is a restaurant in Amarillo, TX that offers a 72 oz. steak challenge. Anyone who takes on the steak challenge has to finish a 72 oz. steak, shrimp cocktail, baked potato, salad, and dinner roll in under an hour. 48,000 have tried but only 8,000 have succeeded. The world record for doing it was set by the previously mentioned Joey Chestnut in 21 minutes and can be seen here.
    6. Catfish Eating Contest : Click here to see that men don’t dominate the arena of the most disgusting world eating records ever set. Sony “The Black Widow” Thomas beat out a slew of other men in the World’s Catfish Eating Championship in Iowa. At only one hundred pounds, she set the record at 6.75 pounds of catfish in ten minutes.
    7. Tabasco Contest : This video contains the most Tabasco sauce drunk in 30 seconds. They even bring a real doctor to supervise and approve the activity. Andrew Hajinikitas of Australia sets the world record on a talk show with a Guinness official in front of him.
    8. Jalapeno Eating Contest : Meant only as a garnish and only for the strong stomached, the Feel the Heat Challenge is considered to be one of the most grueling and punishing eating contests in the world. With 127 jalapenos in eight minutes, Patrick Bertoletti won the contest.
    9. Kobaysahi vs. Giant Bear : Humans aren’t the only ones who can be disgusting. In this hacked YouTube video, the champ Kobayashi takes on an actual giant bear in a hot dog eating contest. You could place your bets, but the winner is obvious.

Most Disgusting Heavy World Records Ever Set

These contestants packed on the pounds and other things to get their world records.

    10. World’s Fattest Cat : The largest cat in the world is Kenny who weighs over 46 pounds. He is so big, his owner needs a wheelbarrow to push him around in.
    11. World’s Fattest Man : Manuel Uribe sets the world record for fattest man. He weighs in at over 570 pounds. He also set the record for losing the most amount of weight in the least amount of time.
    12. Half Ton Mum : The worlds’ heaviest woman is Renee from Austin, TX. At over 600 pounds, she tells her story to a local news channel. She is currently bed bound, has two daughters, and is being cared for by her own mother.
    13. Next Half Ton Mom : Donna Simpson may not be the world’s heaviest woman, but she wants to be. A March 2010 report tells the story of her quest to weigh over 1,000 pounds. The story is made more tragic by the inclusion of her young daughter.
    14. World’s Heaviest Teenager : This video tells the story of a nineteen year old boy who has set the record for heaviest teenager. Billy also weighs over 600 pounds and has barely left his bedroom for the past three years. The story is told in several parts on YouTube.
    15. Most T-shirts : Matt McAllister from Phoenix, Arizona set this record. In 2006, he put on 155 t-shirts at once in support of a charity. See the video and all of the shirts here.
    16. World’s Lightest Woman : Click here for a video on the other half. Isabel is an anorexic woman who weighs less than 70 pounds. The CBS story shows the face of anorexia in all of its horrors.

Most Disgusting Time Wasting World Records Ever Set

The time spent practicing the activity can be accused of being more disgusting than the world record it set.

    17. Tetris : This is a game where falling blocks are used to complete a puzzle. In this video, a player sets a record for highest points. Also bonus disgusting points on a world record for referring to himself as a “god.”
    18. Guitar Hero World Record : Although video games are a fun activity and hobby, some can take it too far. In 2008, CBS news recorded Chris Chike as the number one Guitar Hero player in the world. Top score, an award, and commentary from Chris himself are included.
    19. 23,000 Big Macs Eaten : Don Gorske has eaten at least one Big Mac but mostly two, every day for the last 36 years. This makes him the world record with over 23,000 of them eaten. In fact, the only day he hasn’t eaten one was on the day his mother died and she requested that he didn’t.
    20. World’s Longest LAN Party : Not a fan of real parties and all the human interaction that comes with it? Then why not a LAN party where 274 participants played video games for 40 hours nonstop in Malaysia? It was set in April of 2009.
    21. Firefox Download Day : Remember what you were doing on June 17, 2008? If you were downloading Firefox 3 you were helping to set a Guinness World Record for most downloads.
    22. World’s Fastest Typist : Most adults have an average typing time of 30 to 50 words per minute, if they have been taught how to type. In this video, a boy sets the record at 98.2 percent faster than Facebook and the words seem to appear by magic. Perhaps more time is saved than wasted with this one.
    23. Fastest Text Message : How fast do you really need to tell your friends you’re on your way? If sending from this phone and with this speed, you could write an entire paragraph in 35.54 seconds. The Swype technology makes it possible, but how practical?
    24. Gamer’s Edition : Video games are so popular nowadays, Guinness had to put out a book just for them. The “Gamer’s Edition” contains records for all sorts of video games. Records are on every game from Pac Man to Grand Theft Auto.

Most Disgusting Body Part World Records Ever Set by a Man

Cover the kids’ eyes to have a look at these disgusting world records.

    25. World’s Record Most Tattooed : The winner is judged by calculating the percent of body covered by the individual. The record is currently tied by a Scotish man named Tom Leppard and an Australian named Lucky Rich. The only areas not covered in tattoos include the inside of the ears and between their toes.
    26. World’s Record Tallest Man : Making Yao Ming look tiny by comparison is Zhao Liang, also from China. He clocks in at eight feet, one inch. He is so tall, he actually needs a custom made bed to sleep in.
    27. World’s Shortest Man : Known as Pingping, he hit the ruler at 29 inches. Also Chinese, Pingping was born with a form of primordial dwarfism. He appeared all over the world before his death at only 21 years of age.
    28. World’s Record Most Fingers. And Toes. : Devendra Harne can count to 25 using only his hands and toes. He has twelve fingers, six on each hand, and thirteen toes. From India, the extra appendages work just fine.
    29. World’s Longest Ear Hair : Must see to believe, this ear hair clocks in at just over five inches. That was in 2005 when he set the record. The ear hair is now at over ten inches.
    30. World’s Biggest Nose : This world record is set by a Turk named Mehmet. The nose must be seen to be believed.
    31. Most Self Kicks to the Head : Zheng Da Zong Yi is a young child from China. Although the cute boy attempted to break the record of another boy who kicked himself in the head 77 times, the fact that either tried remains pretty disgusting.
    32. World’s Stretchiest Skin : Garry Turner is from the United Kingdom and holds this record. It is due to a condition called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. He is actually able to stretch parts of his skin over six inches.
    33. World’s Largest Kidney Stone : These growths are formed in the kidney and forced out through the urine. However, sometimes they are so large they have to be surgically removed. This one is about the size of a ping pong ball.
    34. World’s Largest Tooth : This record is actually set by a child. Mark Henry is in fourth grade and from Canada. The tooth is over an inch long and is reported to be the largest human toothy.
    35. World’s Largest Feet : Matthew McGrory is seven feet, four inches tall, from Pennsylvania, and 617 pounds. His shoe size is a whopping 28.5, making with toes alone five inches long. Askmen.com has more.

Most Disgusting Body Part World Records Ever Set by a Woman

The ladies take part in these world records.

    36. World’s Largest Tumor : In this episode of a television show, a woman has a 300 pound tumor removed from her stomach. A team of six surgeons work for hours to remove the tumor. It actually ended up being benign and weighing in at 303 pounds.
    37. World’s Record Longest Fingernails : Lee Redmond of Salt Lake City, Utah holds this record. Her nails are nearly 25 feet in length, or about five times as long as her. She has held onto this record by not clipping her nails in 27 years..
    38. World’s Longest Hair : This real life Rapunzel has over 16 feet of hair. With her last haircut in 1973, Xie Qiuping officially holds the title of most hair. She even has her very own hair attendant.
    39. World’s Most Pierced Woman : With a grand total of 6,005 piercings, Elaine Davidson holds this record. Born in Brazil, she now lives in Edinburgh and works as a nurse. Even more disgusting for having 1,500 of these piercings described as “internal.”
    40. World’s Record Longest Tongue : Gene Simmons has nothing on this disgusting world record. Annika Irmler is a German schoolgirl who holds the record, according to the BBC. The tongue is over seven centimeters long.
    41. World’s Record Smallest Waist : Cathie Jung is one of the oldest world records holder. At 70 years old, she has a fifteen inch waist, which is about the same size as a jar. She is from North Carolina, where she is a grandmother.
    42. World’s Record Biggest Breasts : Not meant to be racist, Sheyla Hershey’s breasts are actually a KKK. They officially measure in at 38KKK. The 28 year old has had nine operations to move up to this size.
    43. World’s Record Largest Natural Breasts : These weigh in at about 44 pounds combined. Not for children photos are included and the woman is a feature of “Human Oddities,” a book on such things.
    44. World’s Smallest Foot : Aside from a newborn, this woman has the world’s smallest feet. Ms. Liu is 90 years old and from China, where foot binding was a popular practice. She has the foot size of a ten year old girl, which is still comparable to that of a toddler.

Most Disgusting World Records Ever Set by an Animal

Animals join in on the quest for most disgusting world’s record.

    45. World’s Most Spiders on Someone : Young Thomas sets out to break the Guinness World Record set with spiders. He uses 125 golden orb spiders in the stunt. The record was set in August of 2005.
    46. World’s Largest Dog : Dogs aren’t usually disgusting, but when they can slobber on you by looking down, it gets into a gray area. The world record set for largest dog is Hercules, an English mastiff who weighs over 282 ponds. At about four feet tall, he is comparable to a horse.
    47. World’s Biggest Snake : The article from Scienceray tells of a snake that was 14.85 meters long and weighs 447 kilograms. It was caught in Indonesia and named “guihua,” which is a kind of flower. It took about ten men to capture the snake and it was later sold to a park.
    48. World’s Largest Bug : His name is Heathcliffe and he is a giant burrowing cockroach. Native to Australia, these bugs set the record for world’s most disgusting bugs. Over seven inches long, they can weigh up to 35 grams.
    49. World’s Largest Spider : Because of the eight legs, they are not considered insects. However, you can see the record set for world’s largest spider on National Geographic. The goliath birdeater tarantula of South America is arguably the biggest spider in the world and can grow to be one foot long and sports one-inch fangs.
    50. World’s Biggest Worm : Forget those tiny ones you see when raking leaves. These giant gipsland earthworms can grow to over two meters in length, larger than some snakes. Expert David Attenbrorough has more.
    51. World’s Largest Bacteria : The good news is, you can literally see this bacteria coming. According to Science News, the world’s largest bacteria is known as thiomargarita namibiensis. It is comparable to a bee’s head and 100 times larger than the previous record holder.
    52. World’s Largest Dung Fossil : According to this site, the record for the world’s largest dung pile in the form of a fossil belongs to a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Found in Saskatchewan in 1995, it is suspected to be 75 million years old. It measured 64 by 17 centimeters.
    53. World’s Largest Fish : If you have a fear of water, this is not the record for you. It shows the world’s largest fish, the whale shark. The fish’s record is 41 feet and weighs approximately up to 50 tons.
    54. Longest Dive by a Pig : Four month old Miss Piggy attempts to break the long diving record for a pig. She jumped a distance of ten feet, then inches into a pool. The Australian pig actually jumps for fun.
    55. World’s Largest Cat : Although a furry fellow, the size and speed in which the animal possesses makes the encounter disgusting. But only if you fear a half lion, half tiger who is over ten feet tall and eats 20 pounds of meat per day. The article has more on Hercules, a liger in captivity.

Other Most Disgusting World Records Ever Set

These disgusting world records have a category of their own.

    56. World’s Largest Diamond : In a world where earthquakes and tsunamis rob thousands of life and home, who could be proud of commissioning the largest diamond necklace? A rapper, of course. Lil John of “Yeah” fame is the owner of the necklace appraised at 73 carats and valued at $500,000.
    57. World’s Longest Burp : Got 36 seconds to kill in a disgusting manner? Then click this video to see a man allegedly setting the record for world’s longest burp.
    58. World’s Loudest Burp : The above not enough for you? Then have a look and not listen at this. It is the current record for world’s loudest burp at 107.1 decibels by Paul Hunn of London. A jet engine also measures at 100 decibels for comparison.
    59. World’s Longest Fart : Join Mr. Methane and friends as he attempts to break the record of the world’s longest fart. The video clocks in at over three minutes and is just as disgusting as it sounds.
    60. World’s Record for Most World’s Records : Ashrita Furman has broken nearly 200 records contained in the Guinness Book of World Records. In fact, he currently holds 69 and breaking them has become the focus of his life. They currently include pogo stick jumping, underwater juggling, sack racing, and many others.

Whether looking at the above 60 most disgusting world records ever set or having a crack at your own, be sure to visit the Guinness official site for more as well as updates on records and the rules for being entered into the hall of fame.