The Health Policy 100: The 100 Best Health Care Policy Blogs

Health care has become the most salient political issue over the last few years. It is particularly interesting for political junkies because there are so many different facets, from ethics to workman’s comp, to legal reform to delve into. To help you educate yourself on the myriad health care policy issues we’ve selected what we consider to be the 100 best blogs at explaining news, viewpoints, facts and opinion relating to health care policy.

General Health Care Policy

These blogs cover a wide variety of issues in health care policy.

  1. Health Affairs: Health Affairs discusses health policy, economy, and more.
  2. Health Wonk Review: This blog aggregates some of the best posts from the health policy blogosphere.
  3. The Sentinel Effect: Read The Sentinel Effect for insight into business, health policy, and innovation.
  4. Mayo Clinic Health Policy Blog: The Mayo Clinic’s blog on health policy delivers information and discusiion on health reform issues.
  5. John Goodman’s Health Policy Blog: John Goodman offers insights on health policy, including health savings accounts.
  6. Kaiser Daily Health Policy Report: Kaiser offers regular reports on events and developments in health policy.
  7. Schwitzer Health News Blog: The University of Minnesota’s Gary Schwitzer writes this blog about health news and policy.
  8. Health Policy and Communications Blog: Michael Miller discusses how health policy and communications issues affect health care.
  9. HealthCareVox: Stay up to date on news and communications about health care.


Keep an eye on health care regulations with the help of these blogs.

  1. RegWatch: This blog watches out for consumer issues, public health, environment and more in regulatory policy.
  2. Eye on FDA: Read this blog to keep a watchful eye on the FDA.
  3. CDC Chatter: Find out what’s going on within the CDC through this blog.

Employment & Worker’s Compensation

These blogs will explain the details of health care policy relating to employment and worker’s compensation.

  1. Terry Neese’s Blog: Terry Neese discusses health policies and beyond for working Americans.
  2. Corporate Wellness Insights: Find out about best practices in employee wellness through this blog.
  3. Workers Comp Insider: The employees of Lynch Ryder maintain this blog that discusses policies in compensation, risk management, and more.

  4. OSHA Underground: OSHA Underground reports on the OSHA issues that don’t always come to light.
  5. Wellforce: Find resources, news, and services relating to a healthy workforce from this blog.
  6. HR Benefits Alert: Stay on top of the latest policies affecting HR benefits from this blog.

Health Care Programs

Here you’ll learn about programs like Medicaid and Medicare.

  1. MedicaidFrontPage: Get a healthy dose of news about Medicaid and related program policies from this blog.
  2. Piper Report on Health Care: Kip Piper’s blog is all about Medicare, Medicaid, health reform, and hot issues.
  3. The Covert Rationing Blog: Covert Rationing highlights health care rationing in the US and beyond.
  4. Medicare Update: Stay up to date on Medicare developments through this blog.
  5. Care About Medicare: This blog is an great source for those seeking Medicare information and resources.
  6. Retirement Reform Blog: This blog offers research on policies that affect retirement and geriatric health care.


These blogs consider the way ethics intersect with health care policy.

  1. Global Bioethics Blog: Check out this blog for information on research ethics and bioethics in Sub-Saharan Africa.
  2. VaccineEthics: VaccineEthics is all about the ethical challenges of vaccines.
  3. Hooked: Ethics, Medicine, and Pharma: This blog discusses ethics as they relate to medicine and pharmacy.

Finance & Economy

Check out these blogs to see how finance and economy intersect with health policy.

  1. Health Care Policy and Marketplace Review: Bob Laszewski reviews developments in federal health policy marketplace, and financing.
  2. Healthcare Economist: The Healthcare Economist examines today’s issues in health care and the economy surrounding it.
  3. Health Populi: This health economist and management consultant focuses on the intersection of health care and technology.


Find out how health care policy affects consumers through these blogs.

  1. The Health Care Blog: This blog uncovers everything you want to know, but were afraid to ask about the health care system.
  2. Consumer-focused Healthcare: This blogger advocates health care that serves consumer needs.
  3. HealthyConcerns: HealthyConcerns discusses health care and policy from the point of view of the patient.

Change & Advancement

These bloggers are advocates for improvement in health care policy.

  1. Curing Healthcare: Check out this blog to get a look at some of the problems and solutions facing health care today.
  2. Health 2.0: This blog advocates a shift to health 2.0.
  3. The Alan Katz Health Care Reform Blog: Alan Katz’ blog is all about health care reform.
  4. Critical Condition: Critical Condition is all about the problems in health care, offering solutions and discussion.
  5. A Health Reformer’s Online Diary: Read this blog to see what Ken Terry has to say about health reform policies.
  6. The New Health Dialogue: This blog supports a better dialogue for health care.
  7. FasterCures: FasterCures aims to use policy and resources to develop ways to find faster cures and medical solutions.
  8. Disruptive Women in Health Care: These women offer provocative ideas, thoughts, and solutions for health.
  9. Health Care Renewal: This blog points out problems in health care, often highlighting abuse of power.
  10. Our Own System: Read Our Own System to find out how these bloggers want to change the health care system.
  11. Envisioning 2.0: Envisioning 2.0 offers a discussion on the future of health care and health policy.
  12. The Antidote: Counterspin for Health Care and Health News: This blog offers criticism of health care news and policy.
  13. The Decision Tree: This poignant blog discusses healthcare reform, policy, and statistics.
  14. Crossover Healthcare: Crossover Healthcare supports a new concept in healthcare and a shift to health 2.0.

Public Health

These blogs are all about health care policies that affect public health.

  1. Effect Measure: In this blog, you’ll find a forum for public health information and discussion.
  2. The Pump Handle: The Pump Handle highlights policy issues and more in public health.
  3. Stayin’ Alive: This blog discusses public health and health care policy, examining economics, politics, and the sociology of health.
  4. Dr. Buttery’s Public Health BLOG: Find out Dr. Buttery’s perspective on public health and policy.
  5. Public Health: The editors of Foreign Policy maintain this blog that examines public health around the world.
  6. Healthmongers: In this student-led public health blog, you’ll find politics, resources, and more.


If you’re interested in the way technology affects health care policy, be sure to check out these blogs.

  1. Technology, Health & Development: The THD blog offers global health solutions through technology and innovation.
  2. Medgadget: Check out Medgadget to see emerging medical technologies and be a part of advocacy for their development.
  3. e-Care Management: e-Care Management discusses the intersection of chronic disease management, technology, strategy, and more.
  4. Tech N Health: On this blog, you’ll learn about e-health, telemedicine, and more.
  5. Little Devices That Could: Check out this blog that highlights medical technology that can improve health care.

Health Conditions

In these blogs, you’ll find health care policy that relates to specific health conditions.

  1. Politics and Policy of HIV/AIDS: This Harvard blog examines the politics behind HIV and AIDS.
  2. Birth Control Watch: Birth Control watch regularly reports on reproductive rights.
  3. Disease Management Care Blog: Read this ongoing discussion on disease management, health insurance, and more.
  4. Saying No to Vaccines: This vaccine blog supports and advocates the decision to avoid vaccination.
  5. National Abortion Federation: This blog and organization supports safe, legal, and accessible abortions.
  6. Malaria Matters: This blog works to shed light on the global issue of malaria.
  7. The Women’s Sexual Health Foundation Blog: This blog is all about women’s health, research, and news.
  8. Behavior Change Communication Blog: The BCC blog discusses communication and campaigns for HIV/AIDS education.

Global Health

These bloggers support health care policy that improves global health.

  1. Unacceptable: Unacceptable highlights issues, ideas, and opportunities in global health and policy.
  2. World Health Care Blog: This blog offers discussion on innovation in health care around the world.
  3. Global Health Policy: Here you’ll find research topics, ideas, and news for global health.
  4. GlobalVoices Health: Find out what the world is saying about health throughthis blog.
  5. Global Health and Foreign Policy Blog: Johns Hopkins University publishes this blog about principles, power, and health.
  6. Global Health Report: Christine Gorman shares developments in global health.


Explore the law, and the way laws are affected by health care policy through these blogs.

  1. Health Care Law Blog: Bob Coffield keeps an eye on health care law.
  2. Health Blawg: David Harlow’s blog sheds light on regulatory and business issues facing health care providers, vendors, and payors.
  3. HealthLawProf Blog: Check out this blog to get the policy perspective of a health law professor.
  4. Journal of Health Law & Policy: The Saint Louis University School of Law discusses health law and policy on this blog.
  5. Juvan’s Health Law Update: Jayne Juvan discusses the intersection of health care and private equity.
  6. FDA Law Blog: This blog will keep you updated on the latest legal issues relating to the FDA.

Access & Insurance

Get an understanding of health care access and insurance policies from this set of blogs.

  1. Managed Care Matters: Joseph Paduda’s blog discusses group health, workers compensation, health policy, research, and more.
  2. Speaking of Outreach: Community Partners advocates better health access.
  3. Guaranteed Health Care: These bloggers want to make a single-payer model work for health care.
  4. So No Child Must Wait: This blog discusses volunteer surgeons traveling the world.
  5. HIPAA Blog: The HIPAA blog is all about HIPAA regulations, policies, and other topics related to HIPAA.
  6. The Coverage Corner: Visit the Coverage Corner to get educated on insurance coverage policy.
  7. Health Insurance Blog: This blog provides useful insights into health insurance policy and issues.
  8. Insurance Industry Blog: Claire Wilkinson makes sense of the policies and actions of insurance.
  9. InsureBlog: Visit the InsureBlog to get insight into insurance issues, as well as principles and solutions.
  10. About Health Insurance: Kelly Montgomery provides a wealth of information about health insurance policies.
  11. Health Business Blog: David E. Williams offers a blog that highlights business issues in health care.
  12. WSJ Health Blog: The Wall Street Journal’s Health Blog covers the business of health.

Environment & Food

Environmental and food policies make up a large part of health policy–learn more about it from these blogs.

  1. Environmental Health News: Stay abreast on the latest environmental health developments through this blog.
  2. EnviroWonk: Get news and analysis of environmental politics from EnviroWonk.
  3. Clean Water: These bloggers strive to provide clean water.
  4. Impact Analysis: On this blog, you’ll see news and adventures in environmental health.
  5. FarmPolicy: Get a summary of farm policy news from this blog.
  6. Safe Foods Blog: Learn about disease prevention, public health, and more through the Safe Foods blog.
  7. US Food Policy: This blog offers an examination of US food policy and economics from a public interest perspective.
  8. eFoodAlert: eFoodAlert highlights unsafe food.
  9. Not in My Food: In this blog from Consumers Union, you’ll find support for safer, healthier food.
  10. BarfBlog: This entertaining blog offers a wealth of information about food safety and food safety policy.