Top 50 Botany Blogs

Because biology isn’t limited to people or animals, these scientists focus on the study of plants. In some cases, they focus on a particular plant or type of plants. You don’t have to accidentally wander into a lab or greenhouse to see what goes on in the life of a professional botanist.

Visit these top 50 botany blogs to get a behind the scenes peek at the exciting world of plant science. Blogs are written by everyone from horticulturalists, professional gardeners, graduate students, and real-life botanists.

Top All Around Botany Blogs

These blogs cover a general prospective on botany.

    1. A Neotropical Savanna : Mary Farmer runs a web site called Learn Plants Now! She blogs about her own experiences working through the learning of plants in her area. Popular posts include Clusia the Autograph Tree and Eugenia Shrubs.

    2. Plants Are The Strangest People : Mr. Subjunctive keeps a long-winded, yet informative blog on botany. It is especially useful for those with houseplants or working in a garden center. He even has a list of plant difficulty levels with more information.

    3. Garden Voices : Get great garden clippings from around the web in one place here. A recent entry was on a beginner’s guide to an organic garden. There are also links to forums with more information.

    4. Water When Dry : Stop here for a botany blog on beginning and maintaining a garden in a dry area such as Arizona. Aiyana is a certified Desert Landscaper and Master Gardner who keeps readers up to date on her progress. See what she grows and how she does it by giving the blog a read.

    5. PGR News From The Pacific : This blog is maintained by Tevita Kete, Plant Genetic Resources Officer in the Fiji Islands. The blog documents the activities of PAPGREN, along with other information on botany in the Pacific. Posts are often on news stories that effect the work and plant life in the region.

    6. Get Your Botany On! : A variety of bloggers never run out of things to say about Botany. Many entries are quizzes to challenge their reader’s knowledge. A recent entry was on the Diervilla lonicera.

    7. Agricultural Biodiversity Weblog : Luigi and Jeremy created a space that would allow them to indulge their botanical passions and do some good. Their mission is to collect anything they find on the internet that relates to the notion of agricultural biodiversity. One of their most popular posts was on nutrition in Africa.

    8. Plant Science Blog : This blog is part of the larger community. It focuses on the science behind botany. Other blogs include animal science and biology.

    9. Botanical Electric News : Sponsored by the University of Oklahoma, this blog delivers headlines as news articles. The latest are on Polystichum californicum and Phragmites. Entries date back all the way to before 1997.

    10. Banstead Botany Blog : John lives in the United Kingdom and shares his love of botany through blog. One of his latest entries tells readers all about the Ghost Orchid and the mysteries surrounding it.

Top Botany Blogs on Specific Plants

These blogs focus in on a specific aspect of botany.

    1. The Fruit Blog : The Evil Fruit Lord invites others to join in the discussion of fruit and fruit breeding, keeping it from being a monologue. In addition to expert posts, he also features pictures of the day from his own collection. A recent entry took a look at the crops of one of the blog’s readers.

    2. Wild Plants Post : This blog is provided by the Princeton University Press. It deals with the ecology and evolution of plants and ecosystems. Visit for expert and specific blog entries.

    3. The Parasitic Plant Connection : Dan Nickrent is an avid botanist, evolutionary biologist, and student of parasitic flowering plants. His research specialty is molecular systematics, which uses DNA to determine how plants are related to each other and how their genetic systems function. His site has tons of information on this particular type of plant including pictures, terminology, and more.

    4. Fruit Species : This blog is full of photos and descriptions of all the fruits around the world. It also includes exotic and rare fruits, fruits used as vegetables, beans, nuts, and spices. There is vast information on over 49 fruits from avocado to tinda.

    5. Garden Rant : This team of gardeners keeps a well maintained and informed blog. It is full of tips, no matter what you plan to grow, along with a few rants. The team also has published several books on the subject.

    6. Biofortified : A group of bloggers focus on the genetic side of botany and plant engineering. It is written by grad students, professors, and the occasional guest expert. They recently won a grant to continue their work.

    7. Cactus Blog : Visit this blog for news and photography about cacti, succulents, and other California natives. Lovers of botany will appreciate the section on types of cactus. A recent entry examined the Native American diet.

    8. Berry Go Round : Still can’t find the plant you are looking for? Then stop here for a collection of all botany blogs. They are listed in chronological order and contain tons of information.

Top Botany Blogs in Flowers

Arguably the most aesthetic aspect of botany, these blogs take a special look at flowers and related plants.

    1. My Orchids Journal : This blog debunks the myth that orchids are impossibly difficult and expensive to grow. From Australia, this blogger has been growing orchids for years. Visit for pictures, tips, and more.

    2. Daffodil Planter : D.P. brings you gardening with a sense of humor. This blog is often featured in major publications such as “The Chicago Sun Times.” Get interesting entries such as “Three Foolproof Bulbs” and “Best Dramatic Plants.”

    3. Best in Bloom Today : Lynn is a passionate gardener who especially loves daylilies. Blog entries are often full of pictures and thoughts. If you live in the New Jersey/Pennsylvania, she also has garden center recommendations.

    4. Digital Flower Pictures : DFL is a professional gardener that loves to take pictures. A picture of a random flower or plant is often posted, with the blogger then looking it up and learning more about it. Latest flowers examined where the Golden Tickseed and Large-flowered Clematis.

    5. Landscape and Garden Expert : If you plan to use flowers or plants in your landscaping botany, visit here. Phillip started his gardening and landscaping business in 1984 and blogs about it here. The blog is full of links to design tips, gardens, landscaping, and more.

    6. Heavy Petal : Get information on flowers and gardening from a West Coast, organic perspective. Andrea is based in Vancouver and focuses more on vegetables than flowers. Popular posts include everything you ever wanted to know about seed balls and growing Asian veggies.

    7. Slipper Orchid Blog : This blogger is the owner of Paphiness Orchids. The blog and site have all sorts of useful tips for growing your own. Even though the latest entry was dated months ago, the blog is still worth a visit.

Top Botanical Blogs by an Expert

The below blogs take an expert look at botany.

    1. The Phytophactor : A plant pundit comments on plants, the foibles and fun of academic life, and other things of interest. Posts are often up-front and unapologetic. One of the latest was entitled “If You Can’t Spell It, Do You Deserve the Degree?”

    2. New York Plants and Other Stuff : Jennifer teaches plant identification at Columbia University’s Masters of Science in Landscape Design. She is also a professional landscape artist and horticulturalist. Check out her blog for an expert view on the world of botany.

    3. Niches : This blog is maintained by a biologist in Athens, Georgia. He writes about native plants, habitat restoration, and other science snippets. In addition to posts, you can get tutorials on seed stratification and planting.

    4. Talking Plants : Tim Entwisle is a Botanic Gardens Director in Sydney, Australia. Entries often deal with happenings at the center. There are literally hundreds to choose from.

    5. Botanizing : Larry Hufford is a Professor of Biology and Director of the Marion Ownbey Herbarium at Washington State University. His blog is all about odysseys and flanerie on the landscape and other places. The latest entry takes a look at one of the newest botany courses.

    6. The Botanist Next Door : CAM is a post-secondary student in the forgotten realms of western Canada. She also hopes that someone will pay her to visit exotic locales and study plants. Posts are on plants, politics, and anything else that interests her.

    7. Seeds Aside : This blog is by an ex-post-doctoral trainee in plant evolution and ecology. The aim is to chronicle studies and teach both the writer and reader a lesson in botany. Entries are often on points of interest.

    8. Nuytsia’s Playlist : This blogger is an ex-horticulturalist, working conservationist, and manic botanist. The blog is named after a monotypic genus in the family Loranthaceae. Blog posts are often on topics of interest.

    9. James and the Giant Corn : James is working on a PhD in Plant Biology at Berkeley. He also links to a website that posts his research. Blog posts often deal with botanical topics in the news, along with his opinion.

    10. Botany Photo of the Day : Technically not a blog, but a daily visit here can vastly increase your botanical knowledge. The UBC Botanical Garden features a different plant every day, along with a detailed explanation. There are also many other botanical resources on the site.

Top Botanical Blogs on Trees

Learn more about the largest and most time defying of plants with the help of these botany blogs.

    1. The World’s Tree Species : This is a blog focused on the tree species of the world and their importance to everyday life. The aim is to reveal interesting facts and images of tree species from all over the world. A recent entry challenged readers to identify the true maple leaf.

    2. Early Forest : Stop here for a blog with detailed tree photography and information. Tags include leaves, seeds, flowers, buds, and branching. Be sure to check out the tree leaf identification tool for more.

    3. Treeblog : This blog aims to record the progress of several trees from seedling to maturity and beyond. You will also find photographs and information relating to trees. A recent entry was on breaking the world record for the most trees planted in one hour.

    4. Festival of the Trees : Visit here for a monthly blog carnival for all things arboreal. It often links to other posts and news items of interest in botany and trees. There are currently 42 editions, with the latest being on the tree population.

    5. Arboreality : Join Jade in her everyday arboreal encounters. The blog is focused on trees, forests, wood, and everything in between. Posts are often pictures of a particular tree, followed by the author’s commentary.

    6. Trees, If You Please : Karen loves trees and dedicates her blog to them. Categories include trees close-up, trees with personality, and even Dr. Seuss trees. The latest entry examined the trees of Brooklyn.

    7. Tree Notes : Genevieve lives in Kentucky and has been a student of her native trees for years. Her blog is dedicated to trees for wildlife and the role of trees in history.

    8. C’mon Let’s Plant A Tree : Sick of reading about trees and ready to plant one? Then check out this blog for more. Although Vinayaraj hasn’t posted in a while, the blog is still a useful resource.

Top Botany Communities

Stop by the below to meet botanists, gardeners, or anyone with a love of plants.

    1. GardenWeb : Part of iVillage, this is the internet’s garden community. They have many resources including blogs, forums, an Ask The Experts section, and more. Be sure not to miss GardenVoices, where highlights of the massive site are found.

    2. Gardener Network : Visit here for information and content, as well as a community. They have a message board, resources for kids, and even games. There are also channels for everything from flowers to birds.

    3. Plants and Botany : A LiveJournal blog, this is where you can find some serious botany. Users come to post questions on all sorts of botanical questions. With hundreds of entries, you are sure to find something useful.

    4. Lanscape Juice Network : This is the garden and landscape network for horticulture professionals. There are blogs, chat options, a forum, and more. You can also find tons of useful articles here.

    5. Biomed Experts : Join this scientific social network with a special section for botanists. There are over 1.5 million profiles, with over 1,800 organizations. Registration is free and the top authors are listed right on the home page.

    6. Tree Forums : If you want to learn more about planting a tree, visit these forums. They are maintained by the Arbor Day foundation for botanists at all levels. Topics include planting and care for trees, shrubs, hedges, and more.

    7. Botanist Careers: If you are looking for a botanist job, join this network. It contains tons of scientific positions across the nation. You don’t even have to be a member to search the database.

Whether a certified botanist, student, or just someone who wants to enrich their lives through plants, there are plenty of useful resources and advice on these top 50 botany blogs. They are sure to have your home, office, garden, or botanical profession looking better and brighter in no time.