Top 50 Radiology and Sonography Technician Blogs

Deciding on a career path is a journey. By choosing to become a radiologist or sonographer, you’re launching yourself into a lucrative and rewarding career field. Or are you? These blogs by radiologists, sonographers and industry professionals reveal the ups, downs and nitty gritty details that you would want to read before making a huge decision such as a career path. Check out these top 50 blogs and see if diagnostic imaging is in your future.

First Hand Accounts
1. Sumer’s Radiology Site – Run by Summer Sethi (author of the med student handbook “Review of Radiology” and course director of the Delhi Academy of Medical Sciences), this blog offers practical info through and through. Primarily focusing on unique MRI and CT scans, Sumer also offers thoughts on the viability of radiology for med students and aspiring med students.
2. RadGirl Radiology Blog – A much more humorous look into the life of radiology, this site is primarily composed of the blogger’s favorite Youtube videos. Mixing in MRI scan videos, Radiology Art and her favorite clips from House, this site will entertain even as it informs.
3. A Radiology Geek’s Blog – A self-proclaimed technology and radiology geek, this blogger offers practical glimpses into real medical casework. This means offering a history, findings, diagnosis and discussion for each radiology related picture posted.
4. Dalai’s PACS Blog – This humorous blog begins with an alternative meaning to the PACS acronym: “Pain and Constant Suffering.” Mixing tongue-in-cheek ad medical analysis, reasons to embrace or avoid medical technology, and more awful medical spam, this site is a buffet of entertainment.
5. The Student Radiographer – Specializing in radiology news from a student’s perspectives, this lets you follow one student’s medical journey. Follow their account of lectures, exams, and placement—great for would be radiographers.
6. Mountain Imaging – This student-oriented blog (from an x-ray tech student in Northern Arizona) offers a perspective on the medical industry from the ground up. Mixing humor, stress, and more humor, this site is great for the charmingly dark side of the imaging community.
7. Student Radiographer – Lost Sock – This site is at once familiar and unique, featuring a student radiographer’s perspective—except the radiographer is 41, has a wife and two kids, and sees the world through both lenses simultaneously. Now celebrating its one-year anniversary, this blog has more humor than most, and is guaranteed to make you smile.
8. Why? – Featuring another polymath of sorts, this site features the “ramblings” of a “mom, wife, x-ray tech, and wanna be artist” all rolled into one. While the updates are less frequent than some sites, this blog is guaranteed to raise your spirits through wicked humor and office drama.
9. Dave’s Places In Radiology – Run by a 38 year-old veteran of imaging, this site’s perspective is hard—if not impossible—to beat. Primarily, this site serves to feature the top research and radiology blogs, making them another must-bookmark blog.
10. Healthcare POV: Juney’s World: A Radiography Student’s Perspective – This great student-centered blog offers the humor, tragedy, and triumphs you’d expect from a student blog. Offering more introspection than most sites, this blog is smarter than the average bear when it comes to glimpsing the life of a radiography student.

Community Forums
11. Tomography Blog – Another great community-focused site, this blog mixes its tech news (medical and otherwise) with great ways of connecting to its members. Join them in their popular forum, or you can even follow them on Twitter.
12. Yahoo Radiology Club – This club has over 1000 members, and is eager for you to become number 1001. Offering ideas and tips for students and vets alike, this site is a great way to meet other professionals in your field.
13. Radiology – All forums all the time, this site encourages you to become part of their community. With special sections on radiology education and specialties, this site should have everything you’re looking for.
14. Radiolopolis – This community focused site aims to bring together an entire international radiology community. Whether you want to chat to like-minded peers, prepare for your radiology boards or even publish a case report, this site has something for you.
15. – The radiology answer to Wikipedia, this is the medical encyclopedia that almost anyone can edit. Registration is free, allowing you to engage the world of medical news head-on.

News and Information on Radiology
16. PACS World –Advertising itself as the blog for Radiology network administrators, this site mixes humor and techno-news in with the radiology info. Of particular note to blog readers is the site’s organization—past entries can be looked up via specific labels, making browsing a snap.
17. The Radiology Portal – While not updated as often as other radiology portal-type sites, this site offers a great blend of medical news, clips, and opinions.
18. Cool MRI Stuff – This blog offers a mixture of politics, technology, and medical discussion. Whether you want to learn about medical breakthroughs, DoD raids on healthcare offices or just 10 little-known Youtube tricks, this blog’s for you.
19. PACS-aholic – Another site focused around PACS (Picture Archive and Communications System), this site offers humorous views on medical news. The humor usually comes from the “dialogue” between its two bloggers, PACSman and Ms. PACs.
20. Sonography News – Focused almost purely on the sonography industry, this blog brings you the latest news in an easy-to-read format. You can also leave comments on each story, making you a part of the site.
21. Top Radiology News – Another great site that needs to be bookmarked, this blog features news and updates from 9 different sites. If you’d like to join the “fastest growing professional social network for radiology,” the time is now.
22. Medjester – With “jester” right in its title, you know this blog will have humor. If you like your medical news served with a side of dish about Miley Cyrus and social commentary about Nacho Libre, this site is for you.
23. X Ray Technician Blog – This x-ray centric blog is all about looking out for your future. Offering news and views on-ray accreditation, job availability, and even the cost of living for x-ray techs, this site is great for a glimpse into the real life of x-ray technicians.
24. Not Totally Rad – This site’s goal is to “shedding invisible light on medical imaging,” and it does so through a mixture of humor (such as favorite spam) and medical insight(such as the modern successors to Middle Age plague rats). The site offers a special focus on the Grand Rounds, a collection of the best and brightest of the medical blogging world.
25. radRounds – This no-frills news-feed type blog offers truth in advertising, allowing you to make the radiology rounds with a click of the refresh button. Offering a repository of info about all aspects of the medical world, this blog needs to be bookmarked, stat.
26. Imaging News – CT, MRI, and PET – Focusing on MRI, CT, and PET scans, this is another news-feed type site offering info about the medical world. It’s quick and easy to sort through 2 years of blog posts, so you’ll always have all the news you need.
27. Alltop – Top Radiology News – Bringing you “all the top radiology news,” this site quickly links you to the latest headlines from 20 different radiology sites. You should bookmark this one immediately.
28. Sonographers Blog – This “just the facts” type blog has a strong focus on industry news, with frequent updates about FDA decisions intermingling with the medical technology news. Though updated infrequently, this site is a great repository of images, links, and the occasional scathing editorial.

29. Radiology 101 – Like it sounds, Radiology 101 means that class is in session for students (or would-be students) of radiology. Whether you want reviews of products and services, radiology tips, or the latest in tech news, this site helps your inner learner become the master.
30. Aunt – This site says that “imaging decisions start here,” and they’re not kidding. Whether you need help creating effective employment contracts, check out the latest tech, or just stay up to date with the news, your first imaging decision should be to bookmark this site.
31. Musculoskeletal and Orthopedic MRI – Aimed primarily at the radiology community, this site serves as a great resource for orthopedic surgeons and other health care professionals. More fact-based and to-the-point than other blogs, this picture-centric site puts you right in the middle of the action.
32. Topics in Radiography – Aimed at radiography students and seasons vets alike, this site’s main purpose is to make you a better technician. A great mixture of official news and informal presentation, this site is great for those who like to smile while they learn.
33. American College of Radiology Blog – This blog blends in politics and industry news with its medical info updates. Featuring extensive archives and comment features, this site lets you become a part of the news even as you discover the news.
34. The Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Medicine Podcast – Why read a blog when you can have it read to you? This podcast is now 30 episodes strong, and offers on-site updates that link you to items mentioned in the podcast.
35. Yotta Look Reader – Another repository type site, this page links you to the latest cases, news, and blogs in the world of radiology.

Professional Blogs
36. Healthcare POV: Reflections in Real Time – Another great news-centric site, this blog helps you stay on top of the world of sonography. With its emphasis on current events, you’ll never be caught with you sonography pants down again.
37. Healthcare POV: Molecular Musings – Focusing on all matters molecular, this n-frills news-centric site is very student friendly. Offering info on how to answer medical questions, current events and just plain day-to-day musing, this site has a little bit of everything.
38. Field of View – A Blog by the ARST Board of Directors – This blog is run by the ARST board of directors, offering a more official perspective on radiology news. Running for nearly two years, this is a great way to stay “in the know” for industry info.
39. Healthcare POV: Mammography Matters –Mammography-focused, this site mixes news, current events, and amusing commentary into an irresistible package. This is a great “hands-on” blog, as it offers perspectives on every aspect of mammography employment, from securing the job to the first day on the job.
40. Healthcare POV: Interventional Radiology Then and Now – With its focus on radiology, this blog is more humorous than most. Mixing in radio announcements and ways to differentiate between fairy tales and sea tales in-between its commentary on current events, this is the rare site that can keep you on the edge of your seat even while you learn.
41. Healthcare POV: ADVANCE Outlook: Imaging and Radiation Therapy Professionals – Another great site from Healthcare POV, this site dishes out the dirt for imaging and radiation therapy professionals. More news-centric than most sites, this blog nonetheless mixes humor into your daily dose of imaging news.
42. Image: Behind the Zine Blog – With trademark humor, this blog brings you up to date on the news you never knew you never knew. With Letterman-esque top 10 lists and x-rays of Big Macs, this site—less serious than most—may be the antidote to any blues you’re feeling.
43. Image: Barbara Lebron – Run by an online course developer, this site features news ranging from the mundane to the maniacal. Whether you want to read about new approaches to geriatric healthcare or want to know what role interactive gaming can play in medicine, this site will keep you clicking.
44. Image: Debbie Poelhuis – If you could turn a funhouse mirror room into a portal of blogs, it would likely look like this. Deserving a place in your Favorites list, this site can link you to any aspect of the Image digital magazine instantaneously.
45. Image: Trista Raymer – Mixing the personal nature of blog writing with the format of no-frills news site, this MRI-centric blog is great for offering news on the go. With its emphasis on practical experience and practices, this site is ideal for students and new grad alike.
46. Image: Kevin Rush – As a counterpart to the many student blogs and worker blogs, this administrative director’s blog lets you see things from the other side. With posts about the importance of networking and the horror on others’ faces when review time comes around, this site can help you get into your boss’s mind.
47. Image: Shane Stewart – Run by an MRI department team leader, this blog dishes on everything from customer service to hiring new grads. In-between its industry musings are ruminations on the day-to-day life in the hospital.
48. Image: Robin Aaron – This blog returns us to the student view—specifically, a second semester radiography student. This infrequently updated blog is a great resource for student survival info.
49. Image: Matthew Brown – Run by a director of radiologic technology, this site’s specialty is dishing opinions existing medical laws and guidelines. He mixes his editorials with calls for an open forum, extending everyone the chance to talk back.
50. Image: Julie Irving – This practical blog offers thoughts on job stability in 2009 and resume writing tips for potential new hires. She also offers thoughtful editorials on post-grad employment choices, such as whether new grads should become travel workers or not.

Bonus: Radiology Art – This unique site features images of objects scanned by a CT scanner and digitally colored. The result is a scientastic look at everything from a burger to a Playstation controller.

These radiology and sonography blogs will give you plenty of resourceful and helpful information to determine if a career in diagnostic imaging is for you.